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Hello there. The following is an incomplete list of Domestic Violence shelters for Queer and Trans* People of Color in all 50 United States. This list will also contain reading resources with tools for addressing abuse and domestic violence in queer communities.

March of Tigers - QPoC Domestic Violence Resources and Literature

Signal boosting this project that March of Tigers is leading. I won’t reblog the whole list because (luckily) it’s huge but do click through the link and check it out. Also, support March of Tigers by either further helping spread awareness of this resource or by contributing with further data.

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Memento Mori ring

Late 17th century

Purchased in Paris

The Ashmolean Museum




gu ys  just looka t this dfucking deer look at its horns but look at the wya tis face is look at how he looks at the camera like  u w anna fkin go

Pure Happiness. (x)

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Bronze Figure of Bastet

900 BC - 600 BC

Late Period

This solid cast figure of the goddess Bastet represents her as a woman with cat’s head wearing a heavily patterned long garment. Her eyes have gold inlays and her ears are pierced for earrings. Of all the maned lion goddesses who were revered for their ferocity, Bastet alone was later transformed into the less terrible cat. The female cat was particularly noted for her fecundity, and so Bastet was adored as goddess of fertility and, with less obvious logic, of festivity and intoxication. As evidence of her fecundity no less than four kittens sit at her feet. Another perches inside the sistrum or Egyptian rattle, which she carries in her hand to symbolize the other facet of her personality, for it is a musical instrument connected with merrymaking. Originally there were two horizontal rods inside the hoop bearing metal discs intended to make a clashing sound when the instrument was shaken. The face of the goddess Hathor, who was also connected with music, appears on the sistrum’s handle. Across her chest Bastet carries an aegis or broad collar, surmounted by a lion goddess’ head wearing a sun disc, perhaps representing Bastet herself in her original fierce manifestation. The ‘aegis’ is probably to be interpreted as the top of the counterpoise to a ‘menyet’ collar of loosely strung beads, another musical instrument connected with merrymaking; when shaken the beads would clack together. There is a hieroglyphic text around the edges of the plinth, largely eroded or erased.

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"avec ma bite et mon couteau" ("[do something] with my dick and my knife", meaning you’re totally unprepared for what you’re about to do)
"On s’encule ou on prend le train ?" ("We gonna fuck each other up the ass or take the train ?", meaning you’ve been waiting for way too long for something to happen)
"C’est l’enfance de l’art" ("it’s the childhood of art", meaning it’s child’s play)
"Faux cul" ("fake ass", a hypocrite)"Y’a une couille dans le potage" ("there’s a testicule in the soup", meaning there’s something wrong going on)
"Il/Elle a pas inventé l’eau chaude" ("He/she didn’t invent hot water", meaning someone is stupid)
"Sucer les pissenlits par la racine" ("Suck dandelions by the root", meaning being super dead)
"Avoir le cul bordé de nouilles" ("Having your ass full of noodles", meaning you’re lucky as fuck)
"Pédé comme un phoque" ("As gay as a seal". like. what. why. what.)
"Pisser dans un violon" ("pissing in a violin", meaning you’re doing something really useless)
"Vouloir le beurre, l’argent du beurre et la crèmière" ("Wanting the butter, the butter’s money and the dairywoman", meaning you’re really greedy)
"Tremper son biscuit" ("Dipping your biscuit", meaning putting your dick in someone/having sex)
"Enculer des mouches" ("fuck flies up their asses", meaning you’re procrastinating)
"ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard" ("it doesn’t break three legs of a duck", meaning something isn’t that great/impressive)
"Tomber de Charybde en Scylla" ("fall from charybde to scylla", meaning you’re escaping a problem to fall into another one just as bad. taken from odysseus and not very used nowadays but still awesome)

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And now a public service announcement from the Night Vale Marine Biologists Association:

“The ocean is full of things that would like to kill you. And other things that would ignore or not understand you, and then eventually kill you. Because they do not have the same understanding or valuation of life and death as humans. There are still other things that you would probably kill, simply because you think they are beautiful, and you want to possess beautiful things because you believe that beauty and sentience are mutually exclusive.

“Never go to the ocean. It is a confounding place. It is full of death, and strife, and terror. We’re marine biologists, and we won’t even go to an ocean, so you know it’s bad,” the PSA reads.

“Maybe just take a nap and think about clouds until they find your body.”

This has been a message from the Marine Biologists Association.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 40 - The Deft Bowman

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One of the best things Gus Sorola has ever said. (x)

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Haunted and destroyed the Remington Arms Components Plant in Bridgeport.

Full story —->

Remember kids, when trying to seduce Zombies a natural 1 and a natural 20 are the exact same thing.

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Norm Lewis making history when he becomes (to my knowledge) the third black Phantom worldwide to perform in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” - and the first ever on Broadway. 

He follows in the footsteps of Robert Guillaume, who took over the role from Michael Crawford in Los Angeles, and Nicholas Nkuna, who understudied Jonathan Roxmouth in South Africa. 

I am thrilled about these casting news and I’m seriously considering a trip across the pond to see Norm Lewis in the iconic mask.